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LifePlay is a life simulation RPG that allows you to play in 186+ real world cities. The game has extensive character customization and includes 632+ scenes, depicting life situations where your choice matters. The 3D sex scenes have 250+ animations, accompanied by well-written erotica.

With a new update every 2 or 3 weeks since its first release in April 2018, the game already has a lot of playable content you can enjoy for tens of hours. It’s also very moddable – click on “Third Party Mods” from the main menu to check out what modders have made, or check the Docs folder to start modding yourself.

The game covers many different fetishes, but all of them are optional and can be disabled / enabled depending on your taste.

  • Updated: 2021-03-05
  • Release Date: 2021-03-05
  • Developer: Vinfamy PatreonGithubItchWiki 
  • Censored: No
  • Version: 3.22
  • OS: Windows, Linux
  • Language: English



1- Extract to desired location.

2- Click on “LifePlay.exe” to start playing.


1- Extract to desired location.

2- Set as executable (see below)

3- Click on “” to start playing.

Note: Old saves from previous versions are always compatible with the latest version, but you have to manually copy the LifePlay/Content/Saves folder into the new version first. as executable

How make executable:

In terminal:

1) Open a terminal window

2) cd to LifePlay directory (e.g. cd ~/Downloads/LifePlay_2_14_Linux/)

3) chmod +x

4) Run

(Fresh/”Casual” Linux users: Linux is case sensitive. make sure you type, and not

On KDE Plasma with Dolphin file manager:

1) Right click

2) Click Properties

3) Click Permissions

4) Check the checkbox for “Is Executable”

5) Click OK, then run

It should be very similar in other DE’s (Gnome, Xfce, Budgie++)

Link Download

Download For Win (64-bit)

| Mega | UploadHaven | Nopy |

Download For Win (32-bit)

| Mega | UploadHaven | Nopy |

Download For Linux

| Mega | UploadHaven | Nopy |

Inc*st-NonConsensual-Best*ality Patch

| Inc*st Patch | Github |

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