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Love & Sex: Second Base is a dating sim where a geeky guy (hopefully you) gets to be a roommate with two very hot girls and meet others in is daily life. The main purpose of the game his to get lucky and maybe marry the girl of your wet dreams, to do so you must make choices and raise your stats.

  • Updated: 2021-05-03
  • Release Date: 2021-05-03
  • Developer: Andrealphus PatreonTwitterko-fi
  • Censored: No
  • Version: v20.12.1 Patreon
  • OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
  • Language: English


1. Extract to desired location.

2. Click on “LoSeSb.exe.exe” to start playing.


Go on dates with 7 different girls in 7 different places

Send friendly, sexy or dirty texts to the girls

Call the girls to know there location or just chat

Talk about a dozen subjects or chat about nothing major

Hang out at more than 20 locations

Buy clothes and accessories to be more charming

Go to work and earn money

Get your girlfriend pierced or pregnant (or both)

Use more than 55 activities

Experience more than 70 events.


You don’t use the console to activate this cheat. Just use the arrow keys in the location.

Go to the living room in your house and input the following: Down, Left, Up, Right, Up, Right, B, A, Down, Left. After that there is a cheat menu on your right action bar. Not work anymore. Try below…

ima help one last time….but be careful…dont fuck with variables…save your game right after you name your character and appear in office… load that green box says upload file..go to sex and love game directory to saves the save file…once it loads..scroll down to CHEATS and switch the 0 to 1… scroll to file….exit..find the file pop into your save directory overwriting…the cheats are now activated…click them and do your skills and money etc as you please…again..dont fuck with the variables in the editor unless you actually know what they mean..cause the game is based on events and continuity..and if you fuck with that…you fucked the game.

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Download For Windows/Linux

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Download For MAC (v21.1.1i Patreon)

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Download For Android (v21.1.1i Patreon)

| WorkUpload | UploadHaven | Nopy |

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