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Light of my Life game is Nearly five years ago, the death of your wife left you in charge of your two young wards. You tried to be the best caregiver you could, but all three of you were scarred and hurt by the sudden loss of the light in your lives. Now your wards have become grown-up adults, and the grief you share has pushed you apart. Will you be able to overcome the barriers of your own making and help your wards rekindle the light in their hearts?

Light of my Life is an adult visual novel about loss and love. Aid and support your wards to help them overcome their hurts and fulfill their dreams, or let the pain you share drive you apart.

  • Updated: 2021-1-10
  • Release Date: 2021-1-10
  • Developer: Naughty Road PatreonBuyMeACoffee
  • Censored: No
  • Version: Ch.5 v0.6.1
  • OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
  • Language: English

How To Install

1. Extract and run LightofmyLife.exe.

How To Install Patch:

 place in the game directory and enjoy! Works with 0.33 (and possibly with newer versions too).[/epcl_tab]

Note from NaughtyRoad (Dev):

I make it a point to telegraph dangerous choices and keep you on the rails. Also, there’s no mutually exclusive paths, so no need to hold off on any character out of fear of missing out with another.
I really recommend you try it without walkthrough or walkthrough mod on your first play and trust that I won’t try to fuck you over with surprise lockouts/endings.

Link Download

Download For Win/Lin

Download For MAC

Download For Android


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