KillerCam Weeabo v1.0 By RaznoptID

Download KillerCam Weabo v1.0


- Based
- Special HUT RI 75th
- Initial release weeabo
- New icon
- Added multiple languages indonesian and japanese
- KillerCam animations
- Added layout donation

Config Files

- Different phones may need different settings. Some GCam versions support .xml config files, allowing users to quickly import (load) and export settings.

- If GCam doesn't work well on your phone, you may want to try one of these configs created by the community

- If more than one config is available, try the first one. If you're not happy, try the second one (and so on). There's no need to try them all.

Older versions store config files in /GCam/Configs while new versions use /KillerCam/Configs.

How To Use

- Download the apk file (use one of the suggested versions or pick one of the developers);

- Install GCam by opening the APK file

- Set up the app using the "suggested settings", "configs", or settings provided on the "changelog" link (some apks don't need any configuration);

- Restart the app and enjoy!



Special Thanks To RaznoptID

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